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The TRADITION CANADIAN Special Edition (Performer)

This guitar, one of Riversong's first models, was the guitar that started it all. Lovingly called “Special Edition”, this guitar features domestic woods, a balanced tone, fast “D” profile neck. Riversong guitars are the world's only acoustic guitars that have the playability and feel of an electric! 


The guitar is built with Chillakwian maple that comes from our visits to the local tonewood sawmills. We noticed the enormous amount of wood waste while looking for that “perfect” piece – the one that looks like catalog pictures. Upon a closer look, the “waste” wood wasn’t bad wood at all, just overlooked. In fact, this beautiful wood is just like nature, uniquely gorgeous! We struck up a deal to use this “in-between wood” and the rest is history! Since then The Chillakwian back and sides with Sitka Spruce top combination has been compared to pre-war classics and is a favourite with many musicians. A tight, crisp bottom end with a crystal clear top end combine to make this guitar a finger-picking dream. An easy 1/2 turn of the patent pending neck angle adjustment yields a .5mm adjustment at the 12th fret. Chords chime evenly up the neck and single-note runs are smooth and even, due to the wide resonant response of the body. Our patented Neck-thru technology offers many benefits including strength, improved intonation, less bracing, easier playing due to the ability to make precise adjustments, variable top loading, an even balanced sustain tone, and volume up and down the neck (yes even on the body), eliminating the need of an expensive neck reset, slinky easy string tension, reduced heel, and the integrated strap pins are part of the structure of the guitar.


Riversong's unique patented Neck-thru design also has a truss rod that runs the full length of the neck and fretboard. Most traditional guitars have a truss rod that ends at the 14th fret and continues with an elongated screw head. Riversong necks have a full-length truss rod that adjusts the entire length closer to how an electric guitar is constructed. The patented neck system has a small amount of flex (like a Strat) and this allows regular gauge strings to feel a lot less stiff further enforcing our electric-like feel. Riversong’s innovation is the active body system. It works by moving the neck all the way through the body allowing two things to happen: The structure shifts from the neck joint to the end block The mass of the neck is now equal in and out of the guitar and it is free to vibrate like a tuning fork helping to ring up and down the neck and throughout the body. With the structure coming from the back of the guitar, the body and the neck have a little bit of flex (like a Strat vs a Les Paul) this flex gives the body the ability to freely vibrate and give the strings a really slinky feel (low tension)

Riversong Guitar TRAD-CDN-SE

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