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She's HERE!! The one you've been waiting for! The Mean Jean - she walks small but carries a BIG STICK! Here at Devilcat, we're not known for lunchbox amps (because we don't freakin' build 'em)! We build Ammo Cans, my man!! Still - We don't like the "one trick pony" approach to amplifier building….and we certainly won't start now! Devilcat Amplifiers are custom-made to order by handbut we assure you it's more than worth the wait!

So don't let this little beauty's looks confuse you. She lives up to her name! Here are the specs in a nutshell:

• 15 Watts 6L6 CLASS A tube power and tube preamp 
• “Dirt” channel that adds extra gain, boost, or both.
• “Boost” channel that allows you to boost either channel (dirt or clean)
• Speaker Attenuator allows you to drop the wattage of the amplifier to ¼ power
• Classic Class A Distortion when overdriven
• Accutronics® spring reverb tank
• Tube configuration:  2 x 6L6GC (power), 4x 12AX7
• Galvanized Steel chassis and corrosion resistant hardware
• Jensen™ Falcon 12” speaker 
• Foot switchable channel select allows the user to obtain all 4 channel options
• Self Biasing any 6L6, 6V6, or EL34 (for different response)
• Series Effects Loop
• Weight: 55 Pounds
• Available in combo or head / cabinet configuration
• Hand wired and 100% manufactured in our Statesboro, GA facility

The "Mean Jean"

Every Devilcat product is made to order. Wait time is subject to demand.
  • Devilcat Amplifiers are custom-made to order by hand but we assure you it's more than worth the wait! 

  • All Devilcat Amps are protected by a limited Lifetime Warranty! Yeah, you heard us for LIFE!

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