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Sarah Vella Has played Piano for over 20 years and has been teaching Piano since 2015. She was the pianist at her local church as a teen as well as working with the choir. Her Specialty is beginning to intermediate piano.

   "For me, music has been a powerful tool for expressing worship to the Lord. I also play fiddle and upright bass and I traveled for 12 years in music ministry as part of group playing bluegrass gospel music. Piano was my first love and helped me learn other instruments quickly."

We recommend Sarah if you're looking for a teacher in the Tullahoma /Coffee County area.

If you'd like to talk with Sarah call 931.212.7824


   Brian Fleck has been playing music for 30 years and began teaching music in 2000. Over the years he has developed fun and engaging lessons to keep students motivated to play guitar. Brian has taught students from 6yo to 70yo and can work with many styles of guitar playing. He graduated from San Diego State University with a performance degree. His background in classical music is featured with exercises and techniques to help strengthen, stretch, and coordinate the hands. 
   Brian has also performed with several bands from rock, blues, R&B, classical, and reggae. 2008-2019 Brian performed with bands nominated for San Diego Music Awards; Mad Traffic and High Tide. During college, he traveled with the Presidio Guitar Quartet performing for elementary schools, colleges, churches, and libraries. 
Brian also teaches ukulele, bass, and beginning violin. He worked as the music director at Temple Heights Elementary School in Oceanside, CA for 13 years. He offers group ukulele classes from beginners to more experienced. 
   Through out the year, public performance is great way to keep students practicing. Local coffee shops and church recitals are beneficial for students to grow with their musical abilities. The right teacher should make the lessons engaging, understandable, and be able to convey musical concepts in a fun and easy manner. Brian works hard to be the best teacher, mentor, and musical influence he can be for his students. 

Check out his website:
Contact Brian Fleck: (619) 813-8948 or


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