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 We offer services such as:
Piano Moving
Piano Tuning
Piano Restringing Services
Action Regulation Services
Piano Repairs
Full Restorations & Refinishing
Organ Installation & Voicing Services

While the list here on our website is not exhaustive, we try to list a variety of brands from among the pianos, keyboards, and organs in our inventory. If you're interested in a specific piano model please come by our showroom or call us. We'd love to help you acquire the instrument you've been dreaming about.

We are an authorized dealer for Mason & Hamlin Pianos!
Since 1854, Mason & Hamlin has proudly continued its century-old tradition of using the finest materials and time-honored methods to produce the Wold's Finest American Made Piano.

A milestone of the Seiler engineering team is the patented Super Magnetic Repetition (SMR) Action, permitting unsurpassed repetition speed on Seiler’s upright pianos. This innovative patented technology, unrivaled worldwide, replaces the spring-action repetition of the traditional upright action with two magnets. This permits repetition even in the lower third of the key travel, thus providing pianists with a new dimension to their interpretations of allegro and prestissimo musical passages.

Authorized Dealer

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Authorized Dealer

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Authorized Dealer

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