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NOS! Limited Availability! There’s never been another resophonic guitar like it – the Regal RD-65 is an unprecedented value with a style and look all its own! With unmatched build quality, it is no surprise that this Regal model consistently outclasses anything at three times the price,  Combining all of the groundbreaking design features and legendary tonal characteristics of vintage originals with modern construction techniques to make instruments that are priced within the reach of the working musician or any square-neck enthusiast. Features include all mahogany construction with a rosewood fingerboard with a translucent glossy finish that still lets the actual color of the wood shine through, a genuine US-made cone, an old style sound well with parallelogram openings, a scale length of 25″, nickel-plated hardware, and the period correct California style body and neck shape. We believe the RD-65  is the best value ever offered in a resophonic guitar and will satisfy any customer looking for that true square neck sound.

Regal RD65 Squareneck Resonator

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